Having a carpet cleaning company company to your apartment or condo is a big ordeal,  Your kitchen must be free of clutter and dishes, we need to fill our machines at the sink and drain the dirty water there as well. floor space in kitchen must be free as our very large commercial cleaner must be in this space.

All portable carpet cleaners are not the same, while most competitors use a 2 plug machine, 1 for the motors and 1 for the water pump, our uses 4 plugs

2 for the motors because they are powerful, 1 for the water pump and auto drain system and 1 for the external heaters we use when carpets are in rough shape, when phoning around for pricing ask if they have a minimum of 500 PSI water pressure machine, if they do not move on. minimum 400 is required for proper cleaning, most cleaners have  100 to 200 psi.

We cary 1200 psi Portable cleaners, why, we want 400 for cleaning carpets, we want 800-1000 PSI for the tile cleaning and perhaps 1200 for pressure washing your patio decks. why would we want to clean with equipment that is not as good as our truck mount machines, It just makes sense to us to have the best

You are investing your hard earned income on hiring us, we will bring the right equipment

Apartments & Condo Cleaning 

1 Bedroom Suites - LDH & 1 Bedroom  $160 - $180.00  

2 Bedroom Suites - LDH  & 2 Bedrooms  $180-$220.00

3 Bedoom Suites - LDH & 3 Bedrooms   $220 - $240.00

Minimum Service call is $160.00

Just 1 or 2 bedroom  $160.00

Apartments cleaning with portables are a lot of work

Our Portables are 1200 PSI, most cleaning firms only have 100-200 psi, we carry the best cleaning machines, we need 1000 psi to clean tile, On patios and decks  they require at least 500-800 psi