Mobile Carpet Cleaners Cloverdale

When you are ready to clean your RV or automobile, Give our team at Cloverdale Carpet Cleaning a call.
We will clean when you arrive back from your winter trip or get it spruced up before you head away.
We clean carpets, upholstery, valances, tile and countertops.
It is very hard to give an exact price for a unit, as they are all different, brief guide lines below.
We are Mobile, so we can come to your home or storage facility, for your vehicle we can also come to where you work place, lets get it cleaned and sanitized fresh like new again, give Bev a call  778-829-4557


Carpets only - bedroom hall, around the living room & around front seats $150.00

Tile in a motorhome will have to be viewed

Front seats $30.00-40 ea.

Couch $60.00 -90.00

tub chairs $35.00 - $5500

Dining room Chairs From $10.00 - $15.00


Most cars $160.00 -200  This does not include Headliners.

Jeeps and large sedans with back storage area, $180.00-200

All vehicles that have been abused, or not cleaned in years

will be more