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Our Service Charges for Residential Carpet Cleaning
  • House Package - Living RM / Dining RM/ Hall 3 Bedrooms & 1 Flight of Stairs $285 -$300, if bedrooms are small we will adjust price 
  • Living Room Dining Room & hall - $150.00
  • LDH & 12 x 15 Master Bedroom $175.00-185
  • LDH + 2 Kids Rooms 10 x 10 each $200.00
  • Stairs 12-13  or 6 and a landing and 6 more $50-$60
  • Rec Rooms must be measured, to many variations, if same size as upstairs Liv/din $85, add a extra hall, add $10-20
  • Family Rooms 12 x 15 Approximately $54.00-60
  • Extra den or office, $20-35.00
  • 1 bedroom basement suite ( LDH 1 bedroom ) 160.00
  • 2 Bedrooms basement Suite $175.00-190
  • Just 1 Room Minimum Service charge will apply $150.00
  • Extra flight of stairs $50-60
  • Longer than normal halls, (normal is 10 ft)  Add 10-20.00
  • Lofts of hall area on upper floors, $25-30
  • ANY 2 ROOMS AND 1 HALL - MAX 350 SQ FT $150

Before you REPLACE let Cloverdale carpet Cleaners come by and determine whether we can RENEW it, this will save you a lot of MONEY

Sometimes people replace carpet without really knowing if it will come back to life, perhaps this is because they have had bad work done in the past.

 This is very unfortunate, it takes a lot of work to remove all the furnishing in a home to replace carpet, as well as great expense, Call Peter and Bev today, we will come by and give you our opinion, it wont cost you a cent, but may save you thousands. 

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We are always surprised at the stories we hear from people about past and present cleaning companies they have in their homes,     There are so many coupon companies running around that it is no wonder that they only last 3 or 4 years and fall by the wayside. Cleaning carpets professionally requires good equipment, this has to start with a truck mount machine in a van, these are expensive, the company has to do marketing of some kind, whether it is paper or y/pages or internet, it requires a lot of money to attract new clients to their business day after day, A cleaner also can not just do Carpets, he has to learn about Upholstery cleaning and the products that are required, the expertise to be able to clean the wide variety of fabrics, then there is tile cleaning, laminate floors, counters,  it requires a commitment to the learning of all of it's services, then there is the education that comes with this skill set, you must educate your client on maintenance and proper care of these fabrics, 

If the operator has limited social skills, this is where it all falls apart, you can have all the best equipment and knowledge but if you don't like people, and can not portray professionalism day after day, it all ends sooner than later.

When you are looking for a new company in Cloverdale or Surrey to come to your home for an estimate and hopefully the job, if he has knowledge and is fair, don't look for a new cleaner next year, be faithful to the cleaning provider and he will look after you and your best interests for years to come, 

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