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Cloverdale Carpet Cleaning

Please note, all pricing below is a GUIDELINE, anything we have written below and/or spoken over the phone which is based on these guidelines, is subject to information that is unseen, more often than not we are provided with info that is incorrect or not exactly correct, IE: room sizes, hall lengths, rec room measurements, large closet not mentioned, bathrooms carpets not included, Often people say they have a stair-case when they actually have 2 of them, some have lofts that they consider part of a hallway. or extra hallways not mentioned.

Last but not least, the condition of a carpet is considered normal cleaning, if it is cleaned regularly, we often get to a home and the rugs have not seen a cleaning in 5 years or more, or a vacuum in some time.

If you have animals and they do their business in the house everyday, this is not normal cleaning.

All we ask is that you understand that a phone estimate is just that, an ESTIMATE, we will either prefer to visually see this carpet before we have an appointment, or understand that we will go over the quote when we arrive to do the job.

We understand no-one wants surprises on a bill that was thought to be lower, we also don't like to do this,  we don't like surprises either. If you are worried about your specific job, please ask us to come and view it.

Thanks Peter and Bev Macgregor 

Professional Mobile Carpet Cleaners in Cloverdale Surrey and Langley

 Our Basic price is 30  cents a sq ft, Please understand that every home is different it their own way, every rug is different, some are cleaned more or less often, depending on the client, so our prices are a guide line, they are more likely to be less than more in most cases, if you would like to have a hands on estimate Please ask for one, then there will be no surprises, as you can imagine it is hard for us to visualize any home over the phone. we would be more than happy to view.

House Package Average Home
Living room/Dining Room/ hall
3 standard Bedrooms
1 Flight of stairs (12-13)
$285 -325


 Additional Rooms
Bonus rooms or recrooms 12x15 $54.00
Extra Bedroom 10x10   $30.00
Exrta flight of stairs  $50.00
Larger than normal rooms will incur an extra charge.

Large walk in closets $10-$20 



(House Packages) 

A living room, dining room, Hall, (10 ft) 3 bedrooms, and a flight of stairs, $285-300

Note ( A room is based on no more than 150 Square ft.

1 Room = minimum service call $150.00

2 Rooms = Minimum Service Call $150.00

2 Rooms + Hall = Minimum Service Call $150.00

Please note- We do not UP-SELL, We do not sell Scotch Guard

We do not sell stain removers after we arrive

We will however, make sure you never look for another carpet cleaner again

We pride ourselves in QUALITY WORK at fair pricing

Apartment/ Condos
Portable Machines 
Apartments take a lot more work with portable units than if we used our truck, so costs are reflected

1 bedroom  suite - ldh +1 furnished bedroom - $160.00-$180 
2 bedroom  suite - ldh 2 furnished bedroom -  $180.00 -$220

Minimum Service call  - $160.00
Just 1 room - Minimum Applies

Just 2 rooms- Minimum Applies 

We realize there are many variations to condo layout, if you are unsure,
 we would be happy to come by and view

Portables cleaning requires extra time, from parking issues to hallways and elevators, please allow at least 2 hours for an appointment 

Town Homes 

3 Bedrooms and a hall upstairs $130.00 - $160         Some are small, some are very large, we must view

2 bedrooms and a hall up $130-150

Each flight of stairs $50.00-60.00

Living dining room and hall add $150.00  

Den $20.00

 Rv Cleaning 

Large RV Carpets Minimum $150.00
RV Couch  $50.00-$75.00
Swivel Chairs  - $30.00-40
Front Seats - $30-40

Dining Rm Chairs - $10.00 ea


Auto mobiles   

Average size 4 door sedan, front and back seats & carpets 


2 door coups same pricing If fabric on door panels and arm rests add $30.00  

Furniture Cleaning

Normal Cleaning of household furniture that is maintained, 

if any of these pieces have not been cleaned in 10 years and have been abused beyond normal cleaning, these prices do not apply.

3 Seat sofa 6ft in length $130.00 / 20.00 more if there are loose pillows

 (White add $10-$20.00)

2 Seat love seat 5 Feet in length $ 100.00 / $10.00 more if there are loose pillows

 (White add $10.-$20.00)

Matching chairs $45.00 -50 (White add $10.00)

Lazy boys and recliners $50.00 (White add $10.00)

 Ottomans $10 - $20

Sectionals consisting of couch and love is $230, 

if there is a rounded corner pieceor a chaze lounge, there will be an extra charge 

Minimum Service call is $150.00,