Are you wondering "how to clean grout"   We can help! Give us a call  


Tile and Grout Cleaning:   $1 - $1.30 a sq ft, larger areas may be less, Minimum $150.00

 Do your HARD Surface floors need attention? Does your grout no longer resemble the color you picked out? Don’t waste the weekend on your hands and knees with a toothbrush. Let us show you what our steam cleaning system can do…. Simply incredible!!  

We have everything necessary to clean large areas or small apartments.

 The video above is a chemical free way of tackling the worst of the worst, but we run large spinners and brushes for larger commercial areas as well.

Give us a call today, we will come and assess the area, and decide what is best for you.

We have just purchased a 1200 PSI portable cleaning machine, this will allow us to properly clean dirty grout in hi-rise apartments, 1000 minimum is needed to use spinners for floor cleaning, we can drop to 800 psi to clean you patio decks, 500 is needed for carpets, don't let anyone clean with 100 psi, you are throwing your money away.

Shower Stalls in your home

Starting at -$85.00 for average cleaning

$150.00 for more soiled units

$30.00 for the fibreglass basin, these are hard to clean, we will do the best we can

Please remember, it is your responsibility to have your grout sealed when it is new, if it is not, the grout, being porous absorbs water and soap, and will promote mold growth.

It is important for you to seal after cleaning. this is something you can do yourself and save some money


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