Town Home Carpet Cleaning

There are many variations to Town Homes, Some are very narrow inside while others are end units being a little bigger, then there is very large 2 story units with a large footprint, more like a home, this makes a difference in carpet cleaning estimates.
Below are some guidelines that can help you find the one that suits you specifically
On top of that there are many different conditions to carpet that we come across, so when booking please let us know the true condition, not all cleaning is the same, as you can agree if a carpet has gone through a rental situation and has not been cleaned for 10 years, than this is more work than a rug cleaned every year.

Town Home Carpet Cleaning Prices 

  • Upper Floor Only -3 bedrooms and hall  $130-$160 depending on the size of the rooms
  • 2 Bedrooms and hall $120.00 -$140
  • Add 1 flight of stairs $50.00-60.00
  • Add 2 flights of stairs $100-120
  • Add Living Room /Dining Room $90  (No hall) on main floor or middle floor
  • Add only Living room $50.00 
  • Add den on ground level $25.00

Tile and grout cleaning 
  • Shower tile and grout $85.00
  • basin $25.00
  • Bathroom counters sanitized with dry steam $20.$30.00
  • Bathroom Tile floor in master $30.00 - $80.00 depending on size and degree of dirt
  • Bathtub and tile walls in 2nd bathroom, Walls $80.00 Tub $50.00
  • Floors $40 in 2nd bathroom  if small Small
  • Counter in 2nd bathroom and (2 sinks ) $40.00
Tile Entry 
Small $20-30 if cleaning other tile in your home
Large walkway from front door through to garage, around $60.00
Lower bathroom, View pricing from above bathrooms.
We reserve the right to change this price structure if and when we arrive it is not as stated.