Upholstery Cleaning
Our charges for Upholstery cleaning are as follows.

  • 1 - 6 ft couch  (containing 2 or 3 seat cushions $1300.00 Any longer than 6ft small charge may apply
  • 1 -5 ft Loveseat  $100.00
  • 1 matching chair or similar chair $45-50.00
  • 1 Recliner or lazyboy  $50.00
  • Small ottomans $20.00 Larger maybe $30.00

  • Dining Room chair seats only, depending on condition - $5.00-$10.00
  • Dining rooms Seats and backs depending on condition $10-20.00 maybe more if they are extremely dirty
  • Chaze Lounge, Depending on size, Perhaps $50-60.00
  • Sectional couches, same as Couch and Loveseat $230.00, if Micro fibre and abused, perhaps $250.00
  • Some sectionals are larger than others, so please explain this on the phone if this is the case. there may be additional fees
  • Back Cushions on Sectionals and some couches, may have additional fees, not often but occasionally.
  • Please understand, on the phone we can not see the condition of items, please be fair in your assessment of condition
  • We want to say also, there are many times when we arrive and clean, we will reduce these fees if easy to clean

Furniture cleaning is very tedious and time consuming, not all fabrics clean the same, some require different tools, IE:  Micro fibre, to clean Micro fibre it is best to clean with a low moisture cleaning tool, this fabric turns quite dark when water hits it, adding to the difficulty in visual seeing it come clean, when we clean this fabric, we dry as we are cleaning, thus allowing to see the drying of the fabric we can see how it will look when completed. Jean fabric is very hard to clean, Linen has its difficulties as well, each of these fabrics require different products to clean with. Blue jeans are never a good thing to wear on fabric especially white fabric. always was blue jeans before ever sitting on furniture.
Cotten furniture requires special products, 
Rental machines can never do the job of a truck mount or commercial portable unit, IE: no heat, terrible water pressure, lack of suction, Improper chemicals, and of course lack of knowledge will never achieve great results.